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It’s been an inspirational summer, from the Olympic games to the current Paralympics athletes are constantly redefining what people thought possible, and now Autumn approaches. Hot on the heels of the Olympics another event has unfolded, one that saw the upset of the formidable champion Serena Williams on her home turf and the unveiling of a new world number one for the world of ladies’ tennis.

An event that could be overshadowed slightly by the amazing events of Rio is of course the US Open, which has seen Angelique Kerber cement her position as one of the top female tennis players and athletes, as well as an incredible source of inspiration for anyone who has felt like giving up when injury and failure seem ubiquitous.

Kerber has a grinding style of game that sees her get into the thick of the match and not let go until she has success and this appears to be a mantra she has held all her life.

Here are three simple reasons why you should look to Kerber when feeling a little low or like giving up and spending all day on the sofa:

Her long journey:

Unlike many champions, Kerber did not see immediate success. She entered the professional tennis tour in 2003, but did not clinch any big successes until 2011 at the US Open where she made it to the semi-final, that’s eight years of hard work and determination. Following this, her first Grand Slam win came five years later in 2016 at the Australian Open- makes you rethink the last time you thought that your current path was against you.

Even when it seemed like she had broken into a winning streak, Kerber found her confidence knocked a little, losing just to Serena Williams in Wimbledon and then again in the Rio 2016 final. Instead of diving onto the sofa under a blanket with the comfort of ice cream and netflix, this gal runs straight back to her training.

If anyone is testimony to the mantra of hard work and never giving up then this lady is a prime candidate.



It’s pretty much a given that any athlete, amateur or professional will encounter an injury at some point, whether it’s a pulled muscle, twisted ankle, or serious injury, everyone can sympathise with injury. Sometimes it’s hard to get back to the position that you were in pre-injury and it can be hugely frustrating to get back on that mean pony. Kerber has been plighted with multiple injuries- just this summer, after just losing out in the contest for the Wimbledon title, she was forced to withdraw from the Ericson Open with an elbow injury- but she hasn’t let them hold her back. You could even argue that they have made her stronger with her amazing victory and now that she’s riding high, she seems pretty unstoppable.

For another source of injury inspiration you only have to look to the current Davis Cup tie between our own Great Britian and Argentina. Del Potro has been hindered by a major wrist injury, having won the US Open himself, and although he did consider retirement, the man just keeps going and getting better!


Her Australian Open Celebration:

When you think of Kerber’s first grand slam victory, to celebrate what was year’s of hard work and grit Kerber took a dip in the Yarra River and lapped up every moment of her victory.

Her joy is palpable and you get a real sense of what this victory means for someone who has seen so many set backs- you go girl!

With Kerber’s victory it seems that women’s tennis can only get more interesting, and it will be intriguing to see Serena Williams return in the next contest to retake her number one crown.


Stay tuned for more inspirational female athletes! 

Emily Atkins

Born and bred in Bristol Emily is a girl with a love of the West country, but a niggling feeling that she needs to get out and see more of the world, starting with Scotland for university. When she's not writing, she's studying for her Classics degree, googling Mary Berry's latest recipes that inevitably she ruins on first attempt, and browsing the Lonely Planet dreaming of far away places to visit. Interested in everything from exercise and food, to literature and travel, she's always looking for new things to explore and learn.

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