Take On Life’s First Ever Class!!

On Saturday 7th May, 30 people joined us at Functional Fitness St Andrews to take on crossfit. Some had seen it before, most knew nothing about it, and pretty much everybody had never had the confidence to step inside a crossfit gym before.

On Saturday we changed their minds and showed them how empowered and bad-ass they could feel!

The great news is that this is just the start of our journey, from September we will be running a monthly class in St Andrews which is open to anyone, and yes we mean ANYONE! Our true passion is enabling people to feel confident enough to take a chance and try something new and come out feeling like the best version of themselves.

We can’t wait to see how the Take On Life project will grow and we hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Take On Life Team xx


Natalie Jones


Natalie helped to found Take On Life after getting injured and sick and feeling too far removed from the bikini bodies on Instagram. Her specialist subject in life is the Olympics and, even though her friends think it's a bit weird, she regularly re-watches her London 2012 DVDs!

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