Sleep Promises

Lack of sleep, interrupted sleep, late nights, early mornings, days saved by caffeine, looooooong weekend lie-ins and that horrible moment you realise you have pressed the snooze button one too many times.

I’ve been having trouble with my sleep recently and I think I might know why! My body doesn’t know what the hell is going on and I don’t blame it. One night I’m out dancing till 2, the next morning I get up late and two days later I’m trying to drag my unhappy limbs up and out the door at 7am.

But just like a baby I need a routine, I need pattern and most of all I need to stop pressing the snooze button!

My sleep problems are kind of compounded by the fact that I’ve got an on-going medical condition which, thanks to my final University exams, got a bit aggravated recently and made my body desperate for extra shut eye. This level of exhaustion is hard to describe but if you can imagine your body feeling completely weighed down and your head horribly cloudy, someone squeezing your eyes shut and scary blackout head spinning when you eventually lift your head, you’ve probably got about half way there! This level of tiredness goes way beyond the normal bad tempered start to a morning which we all know and hate and leaves me stuck in bed, even after 11 hours of solid sleep.

But despite the fact that my sleep problems are not helped by stupidly strong medication and a very unhappy gut I think there are a lot of things that I could be doing better and I have decided to make a few promises to myself over the next month to see if I can reboot my confused body! And no – I’m not going to sleep upside down or eat specific magical foods which cost millions of pounds before bed – I’m just going to do 3 normal things which all of us can do at no extra cost.


  1. NO Technology in bed

Every time I stay anywhere that doesn’t have a plug socket next to my bed I get seriously pissed off! I’m not really sure when I decided that it was completely necessary to position my iPhone within an arm’s length of my body 24 hours a day including when I’m asleep but for some reason that seems to have become the case. Well NO MORE! For the next two weeks I’m staying in a hotel on a work assignment and I’m finding the plug on the other side of the room, I’m banning my laptop from the bed – let’s face it Netflix never really works on hotel wifi speeds anyway, and I’m hiding the TV Remote in the Minibar if it stops me sneaking it on to watch some random ITV crap at 11pm. Screens are bad for you, they trick your body into staying awake and it’s just too easy to spend hours scrolling through instagram before it’s midnight and you’re still not tired.


  1. Water, meditation and all things pure in the morning

Let’s be honest…once you’ve stayed up too late checking out your ex’s new gfs cat on social media for faaaar too long you pacify yourself by sleeping every spare minute in the morning until it’s time to throw on clothes, run to breakfast and jump in the car to work. Which is probably the very worst way for me to make sure I have the right clothes, all my stuff and a sunny demeanour ready for my day ahead. I can’t count the amount of times that I have told myself lemon water, meditation and yoga in the morning and then failed to get my lazy ass up and do it. But with earlier bedtimes, better sleep and a positive attitude like you wouldn’t believe I will become the master yogi that I always dreamed of. And when that fails I’ll just ensure to do many downward dogs and cat poses and breath in and out a lot to start my day a-ok!


  1. You Snooze you Lose.

I’m going to go ahead and put it out there that the snooze button is one of the worst inventions known to man. I often wake up 10 minutes before my alarm, roll over back to sleep and press the snooze button as many times as I can manage and each time I press it, I just seem to get more and more tired! And in fact there is plenty of science which suggests that hitting the snooze button confuses your body into thinking it’s DEFINITELY sleep time and to forget about the whole waking up process.



So for the next 30 days I do solemnly swear to banish technology, wake up on the first sound of my alarm and meditate, hydrate and stretch my socks off. And after a month of trying to be the sleepiest goddess I’ve ever been I’ll report back and let you know if any of it helped or if I’m still stuck in dream land.



Natalie Jones


Natalie helped to found Take On Life after getting injured and sick and feeling too far removed from the bikini bodies on Instagram. Her specialist subject in life is the Olympics and, even though her friends think it's a bit weird, she regularly re-watches her London 2012 DVDs!

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