Finding Lost Motivation: Gym Buddies

I don’t think that I’m  the only one that has a hard time motivating to go to the gym at times, finding myself stuck in what has become an unsatisfying routine. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being at the gym and testing what my body is able to do. However, every once in awhile I find myself doing the same movements, lacking the inspiration that makes the workout fun, with no fitness goal in sight to work towards.

When I feel this way, I have two plans of action to beat the boredom and find inspiration: set myself a fitness challenge, or co-opt a friend to be my gym buddy.

Everybody trains in a different way, and it is nice to get some inspiration from a gym buddy on different movements and ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone. My most recent training buddy is a rower, and I have always been far to intimidated to get on an urg without hurting myself… maybe today is the day! He has challenged me, using rowing-based strength building techniques to push my ab muscles to their limit in a way I hadn’t felt in months!

But lets be honest, the highlight of training with a friend is the laughs that come along with it. Just last week I laughed so hard as my friend, acting as my spotter, sang ‘Pillow Talk’ on the final few challenging reps on the bench press that my arms began to give out as I dropped the barbell on my chest. OK, so this laugh-fest wouldn’t have been a problem if I had been training on my own, but before I crushed myself under the weight of the loaded barbell, my gym buddy helped me safely return the bar to its rack. Having my gym buddy there meant that I had someone ensuring that I was preforming safe movements with solid form, able to work my muscles to failure without crushing myself under a loaded bar!

My gym buddies act half a personal trainer, and half as a personal cheerleader. They push me harder and build me up, encouraging me to try new things, and laugh away my failures and those last grueling seconds of a plank. As we walk to the changing room, sweaty, exhausted and smiling from ear to ear, I remember how much FUN I have in the exercising, feeling invigorated and excited to get back into the gym the next day with a rediscovered confidence.



Mika is a California girl at heart currently living in Scotland, chasing adventure and new challenges which is what drove her to work on 'Take on Life'. Her favorite word is 'badass,' and what she lacks in skill she more than makes up for in enthusiasm, laughter and her willingness to 'fake it until you make it'.

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