Taking on Crossfit

Title- Ready to be...

Here at Take On Life we believe in trying new things, saying yes more and not being afraid to be kick-ass 99% of the time!

So with that in mind we are very, very excited to be bringing you ‘Taking on Crossfit’ in conjunction with the amazing team at Functional Fitness St. Andrews!

We all know that the gym can be an intimidating place, full of people picking up weights and eyeing themselves up in the mirror! But on Saturday 15th October we are taking over!

Don’t know what a kettle bell is? Neither did we not too long ago! And you can be guaranteed that the drop-in session will be a positive, inspiring workout, celebrating how kick-ass us girls really are. No experience or fitness level is required…we are all there to learn, and feel excellent about ourselves!

You’d be crazy to miss it so to grab your place or ask us any questions e-mail: mika@takeonlife.co.uk now!

Sub Title - Book your place

We will be running monthly sessions but for now all you need to do is tell us which class you want to start with. Sign up to one of our first sessions below by clicking on the time that suits you and at a cost of only £3 per session you really have no excuse to at least try the first one!

Sat 15th Oct Dark
Sat 15th Oct Dark 1.15

Natalie Jones


Natalie helped to found Take On Life after getting injured and sick and feeling too far removed from the bikini bodies on Instagram. Her specialist subject in life is the Olympics and, even though her friends think it's a bit weird, she regularly re-watches her London 2012 DVDs!

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